Episode 15 - Fanfiction


What is fanfiction? Who is making it? What’s the tumblr apocalypse and how has it changed fan community?  And what on earth is a "tag-wrangler"? We talk with scholar and writer Milena Popova about all of these questions, and their research on fanfic and consent, the nature of trusting authors, and who owns stories. We also discuss the digital project and fan-owned Archive of Our Own, which is successfully doing incredible things with its tech, as well as with its culture.

  1. Fansplaining: Defining fanfiction.

  2. How fanfiction is leading the way when it comes to conversations about consent.

  3. Sexual Consent by Milena Popova

  4. Fanfiction made me a better feminist https://medium.com/the-archipelago/fanfiction-made-me-a-better-feminist-f5b1d5d24c00

  5. Archive of Our Own

  6. White Until Proven Black, imagining race in hunger games

  7. A first fanfic to try out: Advice for Those of You Just Starting Your Heroic Journey by Milena Popova

  8. 7 things to understand if you want to practice good consent https://www.bustle.com/p/7-things-to-understand-if-you-want-to-practice-good-consent-15823904

Ruth Coustick-Deal