Episode 17 - Rural


Rural places are often presented as “left behind”, especially when it comes to technology. But is that really the case? We speak to rural innovator Ashleigh Weeden for her incredible insights about the intersections of the rural and the digital. 

What is rural data, and can it be a matter of national security? What are the tech innovations that cities are copying from rural places? What can robotics in agriculture tell us about privacy? Are people more ‘free’ outside urban places? Plus, what do Queer Eye and Taylor Swift tell us about rural representation, and when sunflowers need to hide from social media.


  1. How Canada’s Rural Communities Can Become Innovation Hubs

  2. Plants and Birds Need Privacy Online, Too

  3. Bell Media one step closer to becoming a monopoly again

  4. From Connected Cows and Crop Control to Drones, the Internet of Things is Rapidly Improving Agriculture

  5. Libro Professorship in Regional Economic Development

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