Episode 0 – Trailer

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 On each episode long-distance friends Marianela Ramos Capelo and Ruth Coustick-Deal tackle a different part of contemporary human lives, talking about the way technology and the Internet are changing it. We catch up, drink wine or coffee, ask tough questions.

From Sex to Cities, from Work to Outrage, we bring research, expertise and our lived experience working in the Human Rights space to share stories on tech and society. Brilliant guests often join us for these chats and bring professional insights on topics like consent in fanfiction, ending hero worship in tech, radical libraries, and making the Internet safe for sex workers.


Intersection of Things: @thingsintersect

Sarah Jamie Lewis: @sarahjamielewis
Ruth Coustick-Deal: @nesient
Marianela Ramos Capelo: @undazedandsuch

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Ruth Coustick-Deal